Abergavenny Salvation Army
© 2017 The Salvation Army, Abergavenny Corps The Salvation Army is a Church and Registered Charity in England (214779), Wales (214779), Scotland (SCOO9359) and Northern Ireland (CHY6399)

Regular Events

Sunday Meetings (Services) are held every Sunday from 10am. Please see our dedicated Meetings page for more information. Prayer Meetings are held on Wednesdays. On the first Wednesday of the month we meet in the Hall during the evening for ‘Prayer and Pudding’*, starting at 7pm. On all other Wednesdays, we meet in the Hall at 8am (a light breakfast of cereal and toast is provided*). Children meet every Friday at 6pm for Kids Alive*. For Year 6 and above, TGI Fridays* meet on Fridays at 7:15pm. (Except School holidays). A Weekly Friendship Hour (Home League) is held each Monday at 2:30pm, except during August. We also hold a number of regular Bible Studies. For more information please contact us.
* A small donation toward the cost is requested